Guide, with or without?

With an AIG2R guide we will accompany you to live amazing experiences, in unforgettable places and meet what you expect to meet, because AIG2R guides know the area.

A guided holiday takes away the worries of organizing the day, the guide marks the time of the holiday and organizes the services you have booked.




For bicycle transfers we rely on AIG2R guides, the only ones to be professionally certified by the Italian Government for the time being to professionally provide management services and individuals with bicycles, as they are trained with a specific course.

They are prepared to move in the tourist environment and live direct experiences with the locals, who often do not know foreign languages, to immerse themselves and savor moments of everyday life in the traditions and identities of the rural and food and wine environment.

With the tourist guides we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of art and traditions that millennial history has handed down and left us in the cities of art, ancient villages, Venetian villas and walled cities.

The languages ​​spoken by our guides are English, German, French, Spanish, Scandinavian, and Japanese.


If instead you want to create your holiday independently, you will find useful help in our team, for reservations, itineraries, visits and more at your disposal. You just have to ask ...