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Italy is a small country and the north-east is even smaller. History has left us many testimonies and traditions, which allow us to visit monumets or participate in local experiences. Cities of art, ancient villages, food and wine are all very close and the choice is difficult.

All our proposals are reasoned in a bicycle trip that has a purpose, however it is created with an expectation that can be different from yours. We have tried to make the history of the holiday we propose interesting, but perhaps you may have other wishes.

You have to ask and everything possible can be included in the trip.


How many participants?

The number of participants determines the cost of the holiday, but you don't have to find the minimum number (it is indicated next to the price). If you like and are interested, you will be able to participate in a trip with other guests (for us you are not customers) and it will be the tour leaders who will give you the opportunity to get to know each other and spend an unforgettable holiday together. In some cases, this is how new friends meet.

If you are a family or a group of friends, on request, you can book the trip just for you.


Can I do it too?

Surely! The length of the stages and the differences in height are always indicated, so you can choose the trip you prefer. For this, check in the "included" services if the ebike is indicated and in any case make sure you have one if you don't trust your training.

With an ebike, distances and differences in height are not a problem.


What clothing do you need?

If you are used to moving with the bike you will be competent and well equipped, otherwise get advice from our team: it is at your disposal.

Underwear first and foremost reinforced (with pad) because, although our bikes are equipped with saddles for men or women in gel, it is normally not the legs that hurt at the end of the day. Comfortable and breathable clothing for the day and sportwear for the evening in the hotel. Comfortable and robust shoes like trekking shoes. Waterproof jacket and trousers to keep in your backpack or bicycle bags.

In Italy there is always the sun, even when it rains: we have it in our hearts. However, a protection for water is better to have it in tow.

If you don't have the whole set, ask that our team will be able to provide you with a uniform on your arrival.


Which bicycle?

Of course, you don't need to bring your bicycle from home. We have excellent ones: carbon road, ebike tourism, for children and others for the disabled, with all the accessories such as a trailer for children or pets, a tow bar for bicycles, a luggage rack.

We have the best for you, so you can only reach us by plane with hand luggage.



For each trip, luggage transport with our minivans is provided. The minivan in tow also has a spare bicycle and is useful if physical problems prevent a participant from continuing the stage. Upon your arrival you will find your luggage at the hotel.


in hotel...

They are all hotels organized to welcome tourists by bicycle. Even if they are of a high standard, even in Venetian villas, you can use sports clothing in the dining room, so you won't need to bring too many items of clothing in your suitcase. Almost all of them have a laundry service and have a bicycle shed with a small workshop.

Almost always they have a swimming pool and starred hotels also with a sauna or spa.


Before booking …

if you have any doubts or special requests, ask our team by email. Check out everything that is included and excluded with us. Any doubts must be resolved, for you and for us who organize.