venetian villas tour


Path along the river Sile, in the Treviso countryside, between Venetian Villas and ancient villages, following the slow movement of the Sile current. Excursion to the sources of the  river Sile, the longest river of European spring, whose "fontanazzi" are just the springs.

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You start near Treviso, you reach the city of the characteristic sweet "Tiramisu '", the coolness of the cycle seat under the trees, the Treviso countryside dear to the patrician families of the Venetian Republic lead us to the magnificence of the Venetian Villas that can be visited, some of Palladium.

Continue along carrarecce and paths until reaching the source of the river Sile, extended over an area of springs, waters that emerge from the subsoil for a particular geological feature.




The scent of the forest is welcoming, especially with the summer heat, but even more is the emotion of a good Prosecco in a Venetian Palladian villa.

A particularity comes from the ancient village of Badoere and the typical circular square "Rotonda".

The return through the streets and paths towards Treviso is almost exhausting and leaves us the time to remember the wonderful meetings of the day between nature and history. Return to Treviso for a visit to the "painted city" and a tasting of "Tiramisu" in the inn which gave birth to the famous dessert.




What we will do
Departure from Casier towards Treviso, which we quickly cross to reach the cycle path to Levada, where we find the first of the villas for a visit: Villa Ca 'Marcello. We continue to the sources of the Sile and a geological stop. In Cavasagra di Vedelago we can stop to rest at Villa Ca 'Corner della Regina, for a lunch in the tradition of the Treviso countryside.

We return to Treviso passing through Badoere with the characteristic square, for a tiramisu 'in the place that gave birth to the famous dessert.

distance km. 49 - difference in level 0
Roads with little traffic by car, stretches to a path and a short stretch of road with little traffic. Suitable for children.

Where will we meet
The starting point is the park of the Lago Verde pizza restaurant.
via tappi 5/7 - 31057 Silea TV



What will I provide?
AIG2R professional bike guide, bike and helmet (mandatory), "tiramisu '" tasting, hotel return shuttle.

What is available not included
Bike for under 14, "camel" or trailer (under 4 years). Lunch in a restaurant (better to book).

What the guests must bring
Waterproof jacket, clothing and footwear suitable for the environment, glasses, sunscreen.

Guest Requirements
Minimum age: 14years / h 1.50
Group: min. 4 max 14 participants

Prices per participant
bike tour € 114.00
under12 € 69.00
Under12 have reduced price and include "camel" and bike or trailer
tasting € 25.00 (two courses including one drink)
animal trailer € 30.00

You can book online with reduction

specify the bike tour code: ven005 - ville venete


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